PREORDER: WOLFKING 1/6 Miyamoto Musashi 2.0 - Deluxe Set


Product Code:WK89015A-Z

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Price: HK$1,074

   2nd Quarter, 2018

Preorder End: 2018/2/25

Product information
1.Head Refinement         X1
2.Doll movable body       X1
3.Replaceable-hand        X8   
4.Replaceable arm          X2
5.Metal Katana               X3
6. piece  of  Jubbah       X1
7. piece  of  Kosode       X1
8.piece  of  Hakama       X1
9. Pack                          X1
10.pair of  Sandals feet  X1
11. Diorama

*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.