PREORDER: Very Cool 1/6 VCF-2058B Russian Special Combat Women Soldier(Green)

Brand:Very Cool

Product Code:VCF-2058B

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: HK$1,315

      2Q of 2022

PREORDER END: 2021/12/18  

Product information
Product List:
 -Emulational head sculpture
 -VC 3.0 medium chest female body (soft chest)
 -MCB Camouflage combat jacket
 -MCB Camouflage combat pants
 -Tactical boots
 -MCB Camouflage multitube neck gaiter helmet 
 -Plate Carrier "M2"(Green)
 -Plastic handcuffs*2
 -light stick*2
 -morale patch *2
 -Russia flag patch*2
 -IFF strap
 -IFF patch*3
 -Leg Holster for Glock G17 pistol
 -Tactical Belt(Green)
 -Quick pistol mag pouch*2
 -Quick rifle mag pouch
 -Grenade pouch*2
 -Dump pouch
 -Natural hand-shape gloves(1 pair)
 -Hold shape gloves(1 pair)   
 -Fist shape gloves(1 pair)  
 -Hook gun glove for right hand
 -FAST helmet
 -AK-105 assault rifle
 -AK 30 round magazine*3
 -AK 45 round magazine*2
 -C-more red dot sight
 -AK optic mount
 -Tactical illuminator
 -Vertical grip
 -Gun sling
 -G17 pistol
 -G17 magazine*3
*Head sculpture painting effect upgrade;
*MCB camouflage fabric correction in progress;
*Thanks DAMTOYS for the weapons;
 Release Date: Q2 2022


*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.