PREORDER: Prime 1 Studio x Cutie1 Eva Production Model 08γ (Shin Evangelion)


Product Code:CT1-21029

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Price: HK$400

   2nd Quarter, 2023

Preorder End: 2021/12/04

Product information
 “I find you... exciting. Like a really challenging summit. The more energy I use to best someone... The more distracting they become.” – Makinami Mari, Production Model-08’s pilot
 Allow us to introduce our latest Cutie1 figure, CT1-21029: Evangelion Production Model-08γ from the popular and recent “Shin Evangelion” movie series, also known as “Rebuild of Evangelion”.
Cutie1 Toys are the child of Prime 1’s exquisite detail and “Kawaii” Japanese style. These special collectible figures are made of soft vinyl and their design is based on what you see on a plush toy. This is a new way to see your favorite characters from the Evangelion franchise!
 For the first time, Makinami Mari’s Evangelion joins our family, and we are so excited to have it in our Cutie1 collection!
Mari’s Evangelion Production Model-08γ has caused furor among the fans with its charming style in the movies, and we decided to reproduce it in our own style as well.
Enjoy the contrast between the pink color of this Evangelion and the multiple green eyes, giving it a cute yet striking aura!
The well-known zipper is properly designed on its mouth, an iconic feature in the Cutie1 series, as well as the multiple-buttoned eyes! 
 If you are a fan of Evangelion, don’t miss the opportunity to add this new amazing Cutie1 figure to your collection! Get yours today!
Other items of the same Shin Evangelion series are sold separately, so why don’t you collect them all?
 [Product Specifications]
・Statue Size approx. 5.2 inches tall [H:13cm]
・One (1) designed theme magnetic base
Prototype samples are shown.
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice