PREORDER: Kotobukiya 1/24 Hexa Gear Governor Queen's Guard


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   1st Quarter, 2022

Preorder End: 2021/10/28

Product information
[Product specifications]
――It is a variation kit with a new design of some parts of Ignite Spartan. It is a hybrid finish that incorporates joint structures such as warmage, such as the hip joint structure that can hold a large armament, the front and back movement of the neck, and the axial joint structure of the ankle.
――The universal arm on the back can be moved in 8 places on one side to give various expressions.
-The characteristic large cannon [Criminal Buster] can be folded in the center. The grip part is designed to be easy to play with a movable shaft and a ball joint.
--The Criminal Buster can be equipped with an attachment to support it with a flying base, etc. on the barrel. By using the base together, you can display in acrobatic poses.
――The large shield [Beyond] is engraved with the impressive [SANAT] emblem in the center, and boasts an outstanding presence.
-Since the handle for the sword is attached with new modeling, you can hold the jack blade beautifully.
-The attached jack blade is molded in clear red and can be attached to places with 3 mm holes such as hard points on the thighs.
――Various parts can be attached by attaching the attachment for shield mount to the forearm.
--The molding color is red, dark gray, black, and clear red.

・ Queen's Guard body x 1 set
・ 4 types of wrists (left and right) 1 set each
・ Criminal Buster x 1
・ Beyond x 1
・ Jack blade x 1
・ Universal arm x 1
・ Attachment for shield mount x 2
・ PVC hexagram x 1
・ Archive card x 1

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice