PREORDER: Toys Alliance Acid Rain FAV-AP15 Handy Ruins Expedition Pack

Brand:Acid Rain World

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   2nd Quarter, 2022

Preorder End: 2021/11/06

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FAV-AP15 Handy Ruins Expedition Pack / 廢墟探險靈便套裝 / ハンディールインズ遠征パック 



Are you preparing for an exciting excursion to the city ruins in the Gray Zones? You'll have everything you need in this helpful pack! Use the Engineering Flea and a pair of “Handy” Dual Arm Mechanical Appendages to shift heavy debris, then load up your precious loot on an extra durable Anti-Corrosion Rack. Oh no - quick, grab your Automatic Hand Blaster! The Dukswings have spotted you, time to get out of here!



- Engineering Flea DF8e / 工程蚤 DF8e / 機関学フリィーDF8e  x 1

- 「Handy」 Dual Arm Mechanical Appendages /「 靈便」雙臂機械附肢 / 「ハンディー」両腕メカニカル付加物 x 1

- Automatic Hand Blaster / 自動手臂槍 / オート携帯発火器  x 4

- Anti-Corrosion Transportation Rack / 抗腐蝕運輸架 / さび止めの輸送用ラック x 1

- Female Soldier’s Mechanical Appendage Backpack / 女兵機械附肢背包 / 女兵士用のメカニカル付加物リュックx 1

- Radar Detector / 雷達探測器 / レーダー探知機 /  x 1

- MG-7 Machine Gun / MG-7 機槍 / MG-7 機関銃 x 1

- Drone Camera / 無人機攝影機 / ドローンカメラx 1


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