PREORDER: YOLOPARK Bumblebee the Movie IIES 24'' Earth Mode Optimus Prime


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   1st Quarter, 2022

Product information
[ YOLOPARK ] – Bumblebee the Movie IIES 24'' Earth Mode Optimus Prime
Item Code: IIESOPEM21
Worldwide limited 666 pcs.
裝甲外觀, 為乾淨版(Clean look), 沒有生鏽塗裝

現凡預訂Yolopark大黃蜂電影 IIES 系列 地球形態柯柏文一個,可獲得一張預訂限量禮品咭,
客人可按咭內資訊得到一個特定的限量配件 (一個底座 或 一個全息地球儀)。
煩請 貴司收到預訂限量禮品咭後安排派發給相關客人,並請客人按咭上指示登記。

Material : ABS, PA, POM, Brass, Rubber and Super Alloy

Specifications :
1. Size approximately 24” tall [H:62cm W:45cm D:19cm].
2. One (1) LED Light up Matrix of Leadership.
3. One (1) set of Normal skin.
4. One (1) IIES Blaster Gun.

Features :
1. First Internal Interconnect Endoskeleton System (IIES) product, that use real Mechanical Gear System for smooth movement unlike traditional ratchet joint.
2. Fully articulated human like fingers.
3. Interchangeable skin (Normal).
4. LED Light up on eye, Matrix and Blaster Gun.
5. Special rotating Mechanical Gears to PUSH out and PULL back chest panel to reveal Matrix of Leadership.
6. Total of 333 Points of articulations.

產品出貨半年內如有非人為因素導致的損毀問題 ,官方提供免費維修。


After Sales Service:
- Free repair service is provided within 6 months after shipment.  Yet it is not applicable for damages caused by customers or caused during transportation.
- Paid repair service is available by manufacturer.  Repair cost and repair time depends on damage level and complexity.
- Customers are responsible for all repair cost and additional cost that associate with repair process such as courier fee.
- IIES Series Optimus Prime is limited collectible items which may contain minor flaw and differences.  There is no return or refund service available.

Only ship to Hong Kong

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice