PREORDER: DID 1/6 D80151 WWII German Afrika Korps Infantry Captain - Wilhelm: Boxset


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Price: HK$1,432

   4th Quarter, 2021

Preorder End: 2021/09/03

Product information

Super realistic headsculpt

WWII German Tropical Afrika Korps M40 tunic 

WWII German Tropical High boots

WWII German Tropical motorcyclist waterproof cotton coat

MP40 submachine gun with ammo pouches

P38 pistol with holster (genuine leather)

Beautifully-made accessories including German Tropical canteen, goggle, compass, map with genuine leather case and pencils etc

The collar tabs will be updated as metal one in the mess production



* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice