PREORDER: Threezero 1/6 Dorohedoro - Caiman (Anime Ver): Boxset


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   4th Quarter, 2020

Preorder End: 2020/08/08

Product information
-Material: ABS, PVC, POM (fabric for clothing)
-Special movable body with 1/6 scale, full height about 36 cm;

-Replaceable head carving x 2 (gas mask head carving* and lizard head carving);
-Replaceable expression parts of lizard head carving x 2 (standard eyes and angry eyes);
-Bayonet with fabric sheath x 2;
-Rib-shaped armor;
-Hooded trench coat;
-Thigh belt;
-Three pairs of interchangeable hands (one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of fisted hands and one pair of knife-held hands)

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice