PREORDER: Tiger Generals - Zhao Zilong & The Zhaoye Horse(w/ Flag): Boxset


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   4th Quarter, 2020

Preorder End: 2020/06/28

Product information
Configuration list:
Zhao Zilong:

-Tow Elaborate-carving head(One normal expression  and the other angry expression)
-1/12th strong body
-Approximately 16 cm tall
-8 pieces of interchangeable palms(Two of  the palms with holding Ah Dou are exclusive accessories of the set)
  -gray Underwear
-gray Bloomers
-General's Cloak
-A suit of armor(including a waist support,a belt,etc)
-Ah Dou including two sets of swaddling  clothes(These are exclusive accessories of the set)
-1/12th square stage with transparent  pillar   
- Silver spear
- Blue steel blade(Scabbard included)
The Zhaoye Horse:
-1/12th white seamless movable horse(The  horse has steel bones in it.)
-Two interchangeable horse heads with  different expression
-Over 20 movable joints  
-Armor for a horse, saddler, trappings  (with saddle, halter,etc.)
A Flag(including the base)

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice