PREORDER: Threezero 1/35 ROBO-DOU Mobile Police Patlabor Ingram Unit 2 + Unit 3 Compatible: Boxset


Product Code:3A402Y

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Price: HK$999

   3rd Quarter, 2020

Preorder End: 2020/05/20

Product information
-1/35 ratio, movable body with a height of about 23 cm;
-Main material: ABS, PVC, POM, zinc alloy (fabric joint jacket);
-Nearly 50 movable joints;
-Inglen No. 2 and No. 3 are fully compatible (the set contains only 1 movable body)
-Two-color (red / yellow) flashing effect function on LED shoulder emergency light (requires AG1 battery x 4 / battery not included);
-Emergency warning light cover on both sides of the collar that can be opened independently;
-The right calf side cover can be opened independently, and the revolver cannon can be stored inside;
-Right wrist extension function;
-Canopy that can be opened;
-Raised cockpit seats;
-Openable neck windshield;

Accessories include:
-Interchangeable heads: No. 2 head, No. 3 head;
-Interchangeable shoulders: a pair of shoulders on machine 2 and a pair of shoulders on machine 3;
-Interchangeable license plates: license plate number 2 and license plate number 3;
-Revolver cannon;
-Striker (extended);
-Electric stun (storage state);
-Riot guns;
-Protective shield on the left forearm (to store the retracted stunner in it);
-Interchangeable No. 2 head mask;
-Interchangeable hand types: relaxed hand x1 pair, fist x1 pair, holding the riot gun x1 pair, holding the revolver cannon right hand, holding the electric stun gun right hand);
-The driver (Taita Gong) and (Nanyun Ren) puppets;
-ROBO-DOU special action stand.

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice