PREORDER: Verycool 1/12 Palm Treasure Series - Dou Zhan Shen - Monkey King: Boxset

Brand:Very Cool

Product Code:VCF-3003A

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: HK$655 HK$622


   1st Quarter, 2020

Preorder End: 2019/12/12

Product information
-Monkey normal expression head sculpture
-1/12 Man body
-Replace hand type (one pair of grip stick hand type + one claw type left hand + one finger type left hand)

-Gold bronze color battle armour
-Black jacket
-Black trousers
-A pair of boots module
-A pair of shoulder-armour
-A pair of barcer
-A pair of gold bronze mountain pattern armour
-Leather guard waist
-Silk red scarf
-Red luck cloud patten front brand
-Black belt
-Waist ornaments
-Hemp rope

-Golden cudgel

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice