PREORDER: Verycool 1/12 Palm Treasure Series - Female Assassin - Catch Me: Boxset

Brand:Very Cool

Product Code:VCF-3002

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: HK$519 HK$493


   1st Quarter, 2020

Preorder End: 2019/11/24

Product information
-Emulational head sculpture
-1/12 highly movable female body
-Black tight briefs with body clothes
-Black boots
-Knee Pads *2
-Waist Gun Sleeve
-leg band
-Leather Belt* 2
-Purse(Plastic parts)
-Sundries Bag
- Magazine Bag
-Triple Bag
-Multifunctional legs hanging gun sleeve
-G17 pistol
-M1911 pistol
-HK416-Red dot sight
-Holding hand *2
-Hook gun hand*2
-Natural hand *2

* Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
* Product details are subject to change without further notice