PREORDER: Kongling Pavilion: 1/6 Captain Zhao Xin in Ming Dynasty: Boxset A


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   4th Quarter, 2019

Preorder End: 2019/08/24

Product information
1. Head carving X1
2. Body X1
3. Hand type X3
4. Underwear + pants X1
5. Boots X1
6. Sticker X1
7. Handmade auspicious cloud armor (metal) X1
8. Animal Head (Metal) X1
9. Waist X1
10. Leather belt X1
11. Waist Ornament (Metal) X1
12. Waist protection X1
13. Waist Knife (Metal) X1
14. Scabbard X1
15. Fang Tianhuai (Metal) X1
16. Badge (Metal) X1
17. Arm guard X1
18. Officer hat x1

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* Product details are subject to change without further notice