PREORDER: Inflames 1/6 Zhou Cang & Guan Yu’s Night Reading Scene Set

Brand:Inflames Toy

Product Code:IFT-036

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: HK$1,995

   4th Quarter, 2019

Preorder End: 2018/9/19

Product information
Specification of the product:
-An Elaborate-carving head(in a felt hat)
-Strong body
-5 pieces of interchangeable palms
-Approximately 33 cm tall

-Black robe
-Grey vest
-Black Bloomers
-A pair of adding fat pants

-A suit of armor(including a waist support,a belt,a tiger skin apron,etc)

-Writing desk
-Three Bamboo slips
-Rectangular doily under the bamboo slips
-Candlestick (Including the fire and wick)
-Official seal of  Marquis of Han Shou (separate from the box)
-Square stage with transparent pillar 



*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.