ACI TOYS 1/6 Greek Hoplite 2.0 Power Set - Version D (ACI772D)


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Product Information:
ACI Toys 1/6 Power Set: Greek Hoplite 2.0 are available for pre-order now.
Series: 1/6 scale Power Set
Product name: Greek Hoplite 2.0
Product code: ACI - 772
Styles           : 4 Styles   - Style D

** Helmet, linothorax and shield are unique for each set
** Body and headsculpt are NOT included.
** "Greek Hoplite 2.0 Power Set" is best fit for the ACI Muscular bodies "Andrew" and "Bruce"
** "Greek Hoplite 2.0 Power Set" is fit most for the 1/6 scale bodies
- 1 ancient Greek style black tunic with yellow screen printing
- 1 pair of sandals
- 1 bronze Corinthian helmet with ancient Greek style reliefs, white crest with black checker and black hair
- 1 white linothorax with black and yellow screen printing
- 1 pair of bronze ancient Greek style greaves
- 1 Greek hoplite xiphos (Die cast metal) with black sheath
- 1 bronze Greek hoplite shield

*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.